31 years Today

I did not expect to see it through to 31 years marked today. This year has been impossible, but I’ve created art I am grateful to have finished and have even more works in progress to keep living for. Right now, 10 music albums is my goal. It’s been a month since I released #6 The Cruel Meanwhile. Please check it out if you need some background noise while working..lol / follow me on Bandcamp. I’m used to getting drowned out by the millions of others doing the same thing, but hey I’m still here, happy for the handful of souls who’ve not passed me by. Support in any sense doesn’t come my way easily. One day I hope to be worthy of it, but no matter what, my work won’t stop. https://allysonmarie.bandcamp.com/album/the-cruel-meanwhile

The Cruel Meanwhile – new album

This collection overall addresses the cruel nature of things we don’t have the authority or will to change, alone or collectively, and the misery these situations create. Struggling to cope with the wrongness of it all is the main story and it is a heavyhearted one that I’ve needed to tell. The album download comes with a bonus PDF file I put together including 20 art pieces I think visually speak to the emotion in these songs. Please take a listen and I hope something you come across here you enjoy. I’m happy I could complete it and finally share.

Bandcamp : https://allysonmarie.bandcamp.com/album/the-cruel-meanwhile

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/1ta5ZoK366J7MvCWqv2CBD?si=OJ_uW32kRlOU-Nm7ubU9-w