The Cruel Meanwhile – new album

This collection overall addresses the cruel nature of things we don’t have the authority or will to change, alone or collectively, and the misery these situations create. Struggling to cope with the wrongness of it all is the main story and it is a heavyhearted one that I’ve needed to tell. The album download comes with a bonus PDF file I put together including 20 art pieces I think visually speak to the emotion in these songs. Please take a listen and I hope something you come across here you enjoy. I’m happy I could complete it and finally share.

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Too Soon

I wrote this a few days ago, watching the rush to reopen and how upsetting it’s made me.

I see the fall
Everyone out for themselves.
The sacrifice was far too weak.
The first lesson is not one to teach.

We’d rather learn the hard way.
We need higher numbers – more lives we couldn’t save.
We’d rather never see their face.
You poor, poor thing…
Yesterday is a losing game.

And it makes me sick inside.
I’ll be proven right.
They’re all out for themselves, bringing fires of hell.
Witnessing the fall,
I wish I was wrong.