Every Single Moment Hurt – Original song

Recorded back in September.


Haunted by the first. Give more blood than it’s worth.
A worried heartbeat set to burst,
And every single moment hurts.

Have mercy! Take the rest away.
Tomorrow need not know the shame.
How my days live for the night.
The ice to a carving knife.
And there’s no safer place.
This world I can’t take.

I know happier life died at my birth.
It’s this unspoken pain I serve.
All along, gathering nerve to breathe the flames.
You watch me burn.

As settled ashes, I’ll return.
The never here at all I’ve earned.
The unspoken pain I serve.
How every single moment hurt.

Every single moment hurt.
The never here at all…never here at all I’ve earned.

Exit Interview – Tiny Desk Contest 2023

My entry for 2023 contest. I wrote this after leaving my job of 5+ years last year. I think my music in general is too dark for what they’re looking for in a winner, but it’s fine. I really have no show to put on for them or anyone else at this point.

Lyrics :
Cutting losses, speak my bones.
If it’s my fault, you should have known.
But who ever sees me? Who is warm to the cold?
I’m here dying all alone.

Feel the thought tear from inside.
Having to lie and lie and lie.
I matter more kept in the dark.
Waste what remains of my heart,

Because who ever saw me?
Who was warm? Who was warm to the cold?
I was here dying all alone.
You never saw me. Never warm for the cold.
I was here dying all alone.

Burning bridge, you are a gift.
I hurt and want nothing more from the end.
Burning bridge, you are a gift.
I hurt and want nothing more from the end.

That Be the Day

As Black History month comes to a close, I’m sharing a song written during the BLM protests in 2020. When I think about my family history, I’m reminded how I can only trace back so far and how I’ll never know exactly where my ancestors came from, all those unanswerable questions. I often feel like a black speck in the milk, out of place and rootless trying to navigate this unwelcoming society. But mostly this song is a response to those who don’t want people who look like me here. Guitar & voice. Also on streaming services.

I’m Disappearing – NPR TinyDesk contest 2022

This is my submission for the contest this year. I don’t expect to win but I thought this was a good one to enter with. Better than last year’s submission. This song relates to how changed or sick a person may obviously be, but those around them won’t approach the issue out of fear or other reasons. I’ve been that person being looked at before.